20 February 2010


Well I'll tell you, in no real chronological order.

I bought and installed an under-counter light fixture over the kitchen sink with minimal expletives or lost screws or broken parts. Hooray!
I went to Target with nothing in mind -- just seemed like the thing to do. I ended up with grass seed and frozen strawberries because 1) I like to watch grass grow inside my house and 2) I enjoy home-whizzed strawberry sorbet.
I changed light bulbs in the bathroom that were just too darn bright.
I removed the chippy dark grey from my fingernails and replaced it with a nice silvery blue called "Cashmere Creme."
I transformed some dangerously-on-the-brink-of-dead-dom apples into delicious baked ones, without butter or sugar, I might add. I didn't think it was possible, turns out it is.
I cashed in a birthday gift card at Fleet Feet where a nice gal named Kiley helped me with new running shoes. I even got to have my foot measured on one of those cold metal gadgets that I haven't seen since I was a little tyke in the Buster Brown shoe store.
I had to take the new product for a spin so I took a long walk in the neighborhood. Ahhhhh, this weather. It has pulled folks and their dogs out of their hibernation caves and into the sunshine.
I paid a visit to the Tennessee Antique Mall to see if I could find a) a nice little vintage clock, of either the tabletop or wall persuasion, for the bathroom or b) any funky vintage cocktail glasses. Struck out on both counts.
I filled my gas tank with some impossibly cheap gas. Score!
I worked on menus for the upcoming beach trip.
I called my dear sister and made sure life was treating her right.
I drank insane amounts of green tea.
I successfully resisted the can of salt and vinegar Pringles on the top shelf.
I listened to albums I haven't listened to in a long, long time. Rockin' The Suburbs by Ben Folds, Vertigo by Jump Little Children, Sadly Love by Kate York, Vad Jag Vill by Rebecka Tornqvist, to name a few.
I propped the front and back doors open and let the breeze do its work.
I drove with my windows down and worshipped the warmth.
I chewed raspberry gum and even blew bubbles.