31 March 2010


It's a photo day.

This is another one of my favorite photographs of my funny, funny dad. This was taken at a little lunch spot in Old Town Albuquerque called Church Street Cafe. The structure was built in the 1700's and is one of the town's points of pride. Here, we had just enjoyed some Desert Pilsners, Outlaw Lagers, green chile cheeseburgers, and one of the best bowls of Posole you're likely to find anywhere. When I'm anywhere in the near vicinity of New Mexico, green chile is added to almost everything I put in my mouth. If I could have pureed it and added it to my beer, I just might have. We sat beneath an age-old arbor, grapevines bearing unripe but promising clusters of limey green fruit crawling above our heads, and enjoyed the respite from the hot New Mexico sun. On our way out, dad found a look-alike. St. Francis of Assisi, I presume?