30 March 2010



What is perhaps today's....fourth?....cup of coffee. There's something about a cup right after lunch that just sits right with me. I feel like I'm having coffee with my grandpa. He drank it with/after/in between every meal, and is pictured above proudly wearing his personalized Wal-Mart Coffee Club cap. He was known as "Swede." Besides many things I love about my grandpa is the fact that he kept living, really living, until he went home to be with grandma.

Listening to:

(photo: Rusty Ralston)
My dear dude, Donnie Mortimer. This fella has serious chops and plays a mean bossa nova version of "Eleanor Rigby" that makes one do a double take. When he was in town several years ago, I had the sheer pleasure of spending a late evening in the studio with him. I sang BGVs on and yea, lo, even whistled the intro to his tune, "Henry." When I get nostalgic for my old house on Colorado Avenue or long for an internal sense of Spring (which it's no surprise I do, lately) I give an ear to his EP, Chateau Sessions....which, incidentally, I also designed the cover for. Go figger. Self-promotion, anyone?

Yes, but just barely.

Praying for:

My sister. Still, and always. If anyone reads this and needs a smart, sophisticated, design- and color-savvy, ridiculously common-sensical, did I mention smart?, funny, easy-going, writer, artist, planner, innovator, or just plain specialist who can write, draw, design space, choose paint or countertops or furniture with the best of them, arrange, speak smartly, make you laugh/think/laugh again/think again, well then, let me know. She's ready for a new challenge, it's just that she is in search of some options. Hit me up.

Hoping for:

A fella. Just someday.