12 March 2010


I thought I'd borrow my sister's post title -- it says it so well. It's not the first thing of hers I've borrowed, to be sure. From chapstick to mix tapes, she's got my back.

We are bound for the seashore and, well, we were going to bring the computer and co-blog for the week, but the more I thought about it, the less conducive to true relaxation it seemed. So I will be writing, it will just be with an actual pen on this real stuff called paper. Clouds will part, heaven's orb will smile and I'm sure my ink will be smudged by sunscreen and droplets of a cold beer. I've also got quite the stack of books for ravenous consumption, and I've also got menus to concoct, whistle through and deliciously deliver. Not to mention the dear gals with whom I'd like to have conversations whilst together. Things to do, things to do, dear reader.

So forgive our pact-breaking. We are in a new, week-long pact to break the aforementioned pact...and we couldn't be happier about it.