22 March 2010


More details from our week of sun, sipping, sand, seashore, sumptuousness, snickering, and snoozing will soon leak from my yet-vacant subconscious but for now, I will share with you the week's culinary bookends. The festivities began (more or less) with Gin Blossoms in Florida. Muddled strawberries, basil and sugar, lime juice, a half-capful of orange flower water, gin, top with seltzer. The cocktails of angels. The festivities ended last night in Tennessee with Grandma Norberg's renowned (for good reason) hasty pudding. Mom and Nellie had been talking about it, I suppose, and purposed to search out the recipe card and recreate the stuff. It's the strangest concoction with the most unlikely science where batter is poured into boiling, raisin-infested sugary water but, man oh man, talk about licking the bowl.

Back to lean proteins, leafy greens and water for this girl -- too much of a good thing is, well, still really good.