23 March 2010


Listening to:

Willie Nelson's 1998 record, Teatro, produced by Daniel Lanois. We heard it in a shop in Colorado back in the day and I've been a fan ever since.

Praying for:

My cousin and my sister (above, as young sailor folk) who are, each of them, in mildly tumultuous waters where the matters of their future occupations lie. I pray for strength, grace and a little bit of take-no-prisoners resolve.


The Pre-first grade Penny Parade. At about 9:30 this morning, I went out to the steps of the gym here at school to watch the little wee-peas who were heavy-laden with bags and bags and more bags full of pennies that they have collected, counted and rolled for a few weeks now. They walked across the street to the bank to turn all of those pennies into dollars for Habitat for Humanity. They wear little paper penny crowns and sing a little song about “giving love away and ending up having more”....it almost always makes me cry. Then the eighth graders made a big long tunnel for them to walk through and high-fives were abounding....sheesh. Adorable. Endearing. Others-centered. I work in a nice place.


Tomato red leather slippers. I feel particularly French when I have them on. They are merely players, however, in the full-on assault on winter I have decided to wage in the way I dress myself each day. Today? Kelly green pants, light blue camisole, flowery shirt, light blue cotton jacket, red patterned scarf, bright lips. It's on, cold weather. Bring your game. I'll best your steely grey steel.


I admit it. It's my latest vice. For a strictly peppermint girl, it's quite the diversion. A sugar-free vice isn't really a vice though, is it?