04 April 2010


Meyer lemon aioli for asparagus: done (second time was a charm -- can't forget that crucial egg yolk. Duh.)
Mint chimichurri sauce for lamb lollipops: done.
Matzoh ball soup, Charoseth, horseradish, parsley, hard-boiled eggs for mom's mini-Seder endeavor (which I love): done.
Fresh raspberry sauce for orange blossom Pavlova with berries and mango: done.
Actual pavlova meringue base: done.
Eggs dyed faint shades of blue and green: done.
Various citrus supremed slices for salad course: done.
Ginger mignonette for raw oysters: done as can be done tonight.
Flowers and table arrangement: done.
Filling for eggs of the deviled sort: done.
Half of the bottles from the spice cabinet spilled onto the floor while mom and I collapsed into ripples of laughter and dad was trying to sleep: done.
Bourbon: consumed.
Bed: soon to be hit.