06 April 2010


Praying for:

My lovely friend Ruthie. She is in surgery at present, even as I type, to manage/correct/fix a terrible back injury/surgery she sustained years ago which has caught up with her and has made her recent life much less than perfect or even comfortable. May the movements of the doctors' hands be swift, smart, fluid and flawless, and may Ruthie emerge from that hospital room with nothing but a pain-free existence and more cause to praise our God. Amen.

Grateful for:

Health. Even just a little hint of a stomach bug that both mom and I had yesterday seriously cramped our style and halted our plans for a fun evening of welcoming our dear friend Ann into town in real style. The fact that I thought it was a good idea to scent the air with leeks sauteed in butter and then actually eat them was a real mistake. I got a little too brave. So tonight we will correct this, as we are both feeling heaps better and ready to get at it again. Just the simple act of getting a cup of coffee, getting into the truck and driving to school in the gorgeous, cool morning air was heightened to sheer glory after the not-so-pleasant funk of yesterday.


Water, water, more water. How is it possible for water to *taste* so good to me? Yet, it does.


The cinquain poem that was written for me by a third grader (I was his "special friend" for Grandparents' Day since his live in Korea and somewhere else foreign) that now hangs on my bulletin board above my desk. "Drinks tea." Ah! I love it.

Hoping for:

Happy news sometime soon from my cousin Jason regarding his job interview yesterday. I won't go fully into why this particular job would be so perfect for this particular man, but just trust me. May it be so.

Listening to:

A little Wilco, old school. Jeff Tweedy makes me think glad, warm, springy thoughts.