03 June 2010


Burger Up!! The hippest new joint in town, I'd say. I've been twice this week, welcomed both times by the minimal, monochrome, seemingly eco-friendly decor. A dove grey backdrop, a gorgeous wall of rehabbed wood that reaches effortlessly to the ceiling, wood topped tables and dark iron stools and chairs, a natural wood boogie board bearing the establishment's bright red logo, a wall of windows, linen-y seats on the banquettes -- it's all purely lovely and inviting. And the brotherhood of cute boys on the waitstaff who it seems have all passed a prerequisite of having their eyes match their shirts (Matt Reed and Logan, to be exact), well that certainly doesn't hurt either.

The Ramsey has my top vote. It's a loving, equal marriage of textures and tastes: creamy, smooth, tangy pimiento cheese, tart and sweet homemade pickles (somewhere between a sour dill and a bread and butter), pink, perfectly grilled, beefy goodness, a soft, floury potato bun with a toothsome surface that absolutely melts when you begin the heavenly and transcendent chewing process. (They do have a "buns master," after all.) The Woodstock follows close behind, smoky and sweet, and mine came accompanied by the most savory-sweet, roasty-toasty sweet potato fries, sprinkled with a satisfying but light sprinkle of kosher salt. It's almost a shame to dip these fries in anything, they're so flavorful. The Local salad I had today (salad? really?), topped with a bit of crispy-edged griddled chicken, was delectable with it's sprightly slices of green apple, sticky-sweet clusters of candied nuts, shards of sharp white cheddar, and a perfect (and I mean perfect) amount of well-balanced balsamic vinaigrette. A really cold Amstel Light in a frosty cold mug (on a 90 degree day) rounded it out quite nicely.

I give Burger Up a rousing, heartfelt 100%. A relaxed, beautifully polished atmosphere, kind, exceedingly cool people, quality, tasty, truly affordable food that comes from local, happy animals all serve toward the end of a really satisfied heart and belly. Live long and prosper, Burger Up.