04 June 2010


...has consisted of:

Breakfast with Ricky. It just makes me happy every time I see this diminutive gingham-sporting cup grinning at me from the cupboard shelf. I bought it at the flea market (the $1 table, to be exact) and every time I have a day where I don't have to wander far from my coffee pot, I like to purposefully choose the tinier cups because they get neglected on all of those stinky school days. It's time for Ricky to come out and play. Pair him with the complementary blue au lait bowl (yes, I planned that) and my favored spoon which I stole from The Waldorf-Astoria (no, I didn't plan that, but a mean waitress at high tea made me do it) and it's just a happy little crockery family. Contents? French roast, half and half. Then equal parts Greek yogurt and lowfat cottage cheese (trust me), Splenda (honey would be tasty too), sliced berries, and a teaspoon of heart-healthy flax seed. Breakfast of champions, really.

Some quality time after breakfast with my dear little new shade garden. I spent a few moments pruning and spraying those damned greedy aphids with a soap spray and then watered generously. The weatherman cannot be trusted these days with the "scattered thunderstorms" and such. Hogwash. These plants are in a tender state, I can't in good conscience leave their fate to someone named Lelan Statom. What kind of name is that? I mean no disrespect, but come on.

A few morning hours of work in the Hatch on a commission piece. It's coming, it's coming.

A trip downtown to the Justice A.A. Birch Building to take care of some, er, vehicle business. Heh, heh... It's a really beautiful piece of architecture and the security folks are really nice. Why, the fellow who was searching my purse even let me go find a bush under which to hide my keys so that they didn't get confiscated! And he smiled, too. Humankindness abounds. Further confirmed when the impeccably dressed man (white and sky blue shoes to match his white dress shirt and sky blue slacks) on the street shared his coins with the lady at the parking meter next to his. Nice people are everywhere, we must remember this truth.

Getting numbers put back on the mailbox. I'm not so handy with stencils -- it's one of my creative pitfalls -- but after the second try, I'm pretty pleased. If you know me at all, you know I can't resist adding stars to everything I do. Orange ones, at that. Now if I could just put diapers on all of the birds in the tree above....

A couple afternoon hours of work on aforementioned commission. Almost there.

Fresh dill and oregano from my own garden in today's lunchtime salad concoction. I love the furry, soft fronds of dill -- they almost tickle. And it just smells like summer.