25 June 2010


Into the fray! Rebekah and I are up and off at 6:20 tomorrow morning. Belize-bound. This whole trip was ambiguous in the beginning but has become a real labor of giddiness and lots of love. You should see what we affectionately refer to as the "nerdy travel document" my co-traveler has typed up. It is something fierce. So we're ready, armed with passports, toothbrushes, rain jackets, and plenty of reading material.

You see, this morning, with a not so easy eye on the weather channel and an even uneasier ear to its horrific music selections, I watched the tropical depression begin its formation. We'd not mind a few prayers offered/good vibes sent/candles lit/sacred herbs burnt (what have you) on our behalf as we brave the roughness. Gosh, what's the rainforest without a bit of well-timed rain, eh? Both of us girls are just downright happy to have an adventure laid out before us. Lord willing (and the water don't rise), we'll have some grand stories to tell.

If you're curious, here are a few spots where we'll be hanging our....er....slickers and galoshes.
La Lancha
Machaca Hill
Turtle Inn

Ah, the tropics.