08 June 2010


Rudy's Country Store BBQ. Brisket, pork ribs, pickles, slaw, IBC root beer. Moans were issued forth (Taylor says that all of the Texas menfolk were staring and I think he got a little embarrassed. This might explain why he was holding his barbeque up in front of his face).

An inadvertent drive west into the beginnings of hill country, then a stop at Barton Springs for a swim and a waterside siesta by the naturally blue waters. Beware nibbling fish and reeds wrapping around your ankles.

Drinks with Taylor and Robin at Perla's, a S. Congress jewel.

A way-too-exciting venture into Whole Foods. I only say too exciting because this location is the Mothership. The cheese counter here blew my mind. This is where it all began. She had me at Charcuterie.

The best way I could think of to offer thanks to my illustrious and kind hosts: supper.
- grilled flank steak (expertly charred by Taylor) with a quick, perky chimichurri
- fresh corn cakes with bits of aged cheddar
- roasted potatoes, red pepper and purple onion
- broccolini with scallions, poppy seeds and peanuts
- green mango, tomato and raw corn salad
- a peach and apple crumble with vanilla ice cream

We feasted.

And then we read. There were selections from The Motorcycle Diaries and Blue Highways. Quality.

For me, so much of traveling is about the people, whether known previously or whether they're new friends. A rich discussion and sharing of hearts and minds over colorful plates of tasty food last night was just the right way to experience Austin, as are the exchanges I've had with the kind, genuine, open-hearted, helpful folks of this fine city. It's who you know.