07 June 2010


Austin has treated me kindly today. Having a compadre who knows my druthers and likes and who loans me his trusty vehicle is also greatly helpful....

Theatre marquis, S. Congress. It begged me to takes its picture.

Hotel San Jose. I snuck in and nosed around. It's a lovely little cloister on a really busy thoroughfare.

Lunch at Torchy's Tacos in the South Austin Trailer Park and Eatery. There are food trucks/trailers including Torchy's, a hot dog stand named "Man Bites Dog" and a chocolate cart called "Holy Cacao." Admittedly, that last one took me a minute to get. Give me a break, I was up late and up early. I was brought back to life with a pulled pork and green chile taco on perfectly toasty corn tortillas, some [sub-par] guacamole, the start of a book that will most likely become my new favorite, and a Topo Chico. I think they put extra bubbles in these bottles of mineral water. Refreshing, all.

I thought I was doing well, ordering only one taco since a good dinner was ahead, but Sandy's called to me when I rounded the corner of 1st Street and Barton Springs. Had to help myself to a small dipped cone and didn't regret it for a minute. Inside the hard chocolate shell there dwelt a smooth, not-too-sweet, vanilla-perfumed frozen treat. I had to eat it fast, it's a hot one today.

A stroll around the park down on the river's edge ended at this funny little gazebo. It's seen better days, but I liked its tired cerulean underbelly.

The reason it's called "Congress Avenue."

Pre-dinner cocktails at La Condesa. We shared a simple plate of sliced, perfectly ripe avocado with razor-fine shreds of cabbage, lime, tomato and olive oil. I had the Alma Blanca which began with fresh yellow corn kernels muddled in the bottom of the glass, and ended with a salty rim and a habanero kick. Lip smackin.'