06 June 2010


Just now. It happened. I finally got butterfly-excited. I've been waiting for that uncontrollable giggle to bubble up from my toes and it just arrived. It's 11:36pm, I've just turned up the tunes (Paul McCartney/Willie Nelson/Gypsy Hombres, to be exact) and I'm packing all of my freshly-laundered cottons. I sense a trend here on my bed's surface, and it's truly not on purpose. There's a lot of red and white and blue. I consider it my patriotic duty to rock the nation's colours while on this next two week's galavanting...really? No, not really. But it's a nice little side-effect.

I depart tomorrow for Austin, Texas. I'm staying with a gut-level friend of mine, one who knows exactly what I will dig around those partickler parts. I assume that my culinary and creative needs will be most efficiently met, and maybe even surpassed.

From there I travel on via rail (God Bless Amtrak) to Alpine and then to Marfa, a teency west Texas town with alotta heart and art. Then on to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Big Sur, San Francisco and outlying areas. I'd gladly take any travel hints or spots not-to-be-missed on my route. I'll be back on the 19th of June. Kiss me goodbye, but I'll be in touch via the ol' blog.

Provisions: folder with travel plans, bing cherries, toasted almonds, grapes, cigar.

Celebratory beverage: "Los Cowboys" Torrontes. Angela's toast this evening was to "long distances." Here here, dear sister.

Sweet Lord, bless these wide eyes, this open heart and these walkin' heels.