11 June 2010


I'll let the photos speak again, as I'm post-posting and have to get a move on down the road and to my train headed for the Pacific. I promise I'll actually write something one of these days.....

Woke up to this awesome coffee carafe contraption. Really fun to play with.

Saw some art. This is an installation by architect Donald Judd at The Chinati Foundation. Eye-opening and really lovely. He's the reason this town exists in the creative capacity I have so enjoyed.

Went to Food Shark and had some terrific....you guessed it.....tacos. Ancho chili and cocoa rubbed pork with jicama and a sprightly green salsa of which I required seconds.

Mailed some postcards. Apologies to the readers among you who read this and don't get one of those. I only have so many stamps. And addresses.

Waited for the dusk train to come, wanted to tell it hello but I thought it might not be the smartest thing to stand there for too long. I'll catch it next time.