24 August 2010


For a red pick-up truck to become my own. (It seems to take a lifetime. That and several afternoonish voyages to Kentucky.)
For a fuller understanding of why I was made and put on this earth in this particular spot.
For sleeker calves.
For the perfect slice of pie. (Either made by me or eaten by me, or both.)
For a man to love. (This goes without saying?)
For Jesus to come back. (No, this goes without saying.)
For refining work in my spirit in the meantime.
For a trip to Italy.
For lunch time to hurry up and get here. (Aren't we to place all of our desires before the Lord?)

And am I waiting well? This was a theme in Sunday's sermon and it socked me in the gut. What am I waiting for? And do I wait well? Do I wait expectantly and with hope? Or do I wait fearfully, filled with doubt? Or do I feel any of it at all? Good queries, all. Answers have I none.