03 June 2011


The Superman theme is playing here at Pearl Bakery. It echoes (the song in its entirety, that is) in the huge baking facility that's behind the counter which is laden with every variety of golden brown buttery crusty temptation. A two mile jog along the Willamette made this pictured piece of perfection possible. Thin, crinkled layers of buttery, shattery crust envelop a soft, dense pillow of ground almond paste, only scarcely sweet. Good grief. Nothing so equally rewarding and stupid as immediately undoing the good one just did for one's body.

There is a little girl wearing a sparkly, sky blue princess frock, a navy pea coat ands brown cowboy boots. She twirls and smiles shyly, hides behind her mama's thigh. Reminds me of my own girlhood, except for that part about actually smiling....

Location:NW Couch St,Portland,United States