03 June 2011


So I made it. Tonight's will be a brief post, as it's been a long day of travel and I'm ready for a drinky-drink and a bite down at the adorable and swanky Clyde Common, attached to the Ace Hotel where I'll lay down my head these five nights.

The transit, once on Oregon soil, has been eerily easy and fuss-free. MAX light rail = geeeenius! Like, it can't really be this easy......but, can it be? It is. Portland welcomed me with parting clouds, purply shadows, wet roads, a squealy train track (I could smell the metal), and a rainbow. Nice folks, smiles and friendly greetings.

Pictured, my reading material from today's flight. My love for food isn't obvious, not really much. Gabrielle Hamilton's memoir Blood, Bones and Butter kept me occupied and inspired as the plane(s) pitched and shuddered across the mountainous landscapes and the babies -- yes, plural -- wailed. It wasn't all bad. I had thinking and dreaming to do. More of that shortly when my cheek hits this downy white, crinkly cotton pillow. 'Night.