06 March 2012


This time last year. Here it comes.

Just another ideal morning at the beach. Rain visited us overnight but the skies are doing their best to clear as I write. The sun sneaks through the breaks in the clouds and quickly warms me. The surf has picked up, the waters charging the sand more assertively, but the breeze is warm and the day is promising. I dreamt last night that [insert a couple of lines about long-ago-romance-gone-wrong and the yearnings that go along with it...but with a certain twinge of humor...we all know what that's like, so let's carry on, shall we?] My dreams, they deliver me into such strange places of wonderment and weirdness -- I just wish I could remember and record them as brightly and vividly as they come to me. 

I woke to the soft, indeterminable mutterings and chuckles of sisters Martha and Nellie. Boy, are they two peas in a pod. Joshua and Angela are reading, we're on our second pot of coffee (although Joshua doesn't contribute much, Mister Healthy Water Drinker Guy). We all make up for his absence when we line up at the percolator. 

The yellow and the purple flags are flying again today, warning us of what, I'm not sure. The only "marine pests" we've seen so far were the delightful little gaggle of dolphins we spotted frolicking in the water yesterday morning. Oh, another dream I had, night before last, was one that we saw dolphins swimming in crystal green, still waters, but when we looked more closely, they were dogs. Dogs. All kinds! Labs, pugs, mutts, you name it. Wha...?!
Meanwhile, back on earth, our choosing of spots has yet to be refined -- we meet with some hilarious/maddening oppositions each day, regardless of our scheming from our balcony in the morning....awkward adolescents, back-flipping in the sand for any attention, children with raccoon eyes from the fierce suction of goggles, loud-mouthed white-haired women, talking at one volume about God-knows-what. We will triumph, come week's end....