08 March 2012


March 14, 2010
"It's been a long winter, girls," I said to the bathing beauties on my left. I could very nearly cry with gratitude for the sun's warming fingers, the sound of pounding waves, the scent of SPF mingling with the salty wind, and the quiet in my mind. My first impulse is to invade that long-awaited quiet, to fill it up with words or music or some other distraction. No, the iPod stays (for now) in the basket alongside all books and magazines. The only reason I'm bothering to extract paper and pen is out of concern for the rarity of the moment. "The wintry thoughts have lasted much longer than the actual winter," Angela added. Truth. But here we lie. We are swimming in warmth, beauty, stillness and calm. The season is changing, outside our hearts and inside, too. 

Thanks be to God.