29 September 2006


The cold drew me out of bed. Most times, the early morning is better spent in the warm, yet undisturbed cocoon of my bed, but the newness of this fall season shook me awake today. There was a milky frost on the windows of the house I have recently moved into, and a haze hovered over the blue, shadowy grass outside. Instead of the normal NPR, I opted for music this morning. Somehow melody won out over talk of election season, declassified terrorist reports, and the effects of caffeine on adults. (Ugh. would it kill us to broadcast some cheer?) I spent the morning drinking coffee, writing a bit, having an egg taste-test (more on that in a minute) and enjoying the slow, steady rise of the sun and watching her add color to the world.

Now, speaking of color, have you ever noticed how the yolk of a regular, grocery store egg [literally] pales in comparison to that of a farm egg? Maybe you're one of those unfortunate souls who has never experienced the pleasure of the silky taste of an egg straight from the hen house. Yesterday as I selected my soymilk from the organic/healthfood/carob-ridden/often-sawdust-flavored section at Kroger, I found myself wondering whether there's a difference between the $3.59 organic eggs that come from free-range, cage-free chickens who get to cluck around the yard, peck thoughtlessly at the ground and lay at their leisure, and the $1.39 eggs from chickens who...((sigh)) lead a much less enjoyable existence. (God bless their poor little chicken hearts.) I cranked up my grandma's old electric skillet (new house still has no stove) and fried up one of each, over-medium. Well, I'll be dishing out an extra $2.20 from now on. It's a small price to pay for an egg that actually has flavor, and a small step in the right direction towards advocacy for those poor little mistreated chickens. Now there's a phrase I never thought I would type.....

But anyways, the cool is coming; let's welcome her. (For surely she's a woman.)