18 September 2006


The evening began with cocktails with my girlfriends at Margot Cafe. That Margot, she never lets us down. And she's cute as a button, which you'll know if you've ever caught a glimpse of her. With a Lillet and orange twist on the bar in front of me and my gals all around, it was just sheer festivity, as the momentous night began. (Also, I met the handsomest man wearing an apron that I might have ever seen. More on that later...if you're [and if I'm] lucky.)

My last pieces of artwork came together in a harried fashion -- I worked right up to the last possible moment. When it was all complete....lots of heavy, relieved sighs. Over at the gallery, Meg was putting finishing touches on the place. Bret was perched in waiting back in the cavernous, magical workshop called The Garage Mahal. (By the way, Bret and Meg MacFadyen: salt o' the earth, I declare.) I set a mix of favorite tunes to playing out front -- echo-y songs from folks like Ry Cooder, Lyle Lovett, The Bees, Billy Bragg and Wilco, Emmylou Harris. I received flowers (many of them!) from admirers and friends, which warmed my heart and brightened the gallery. The gal who always masterminds the food for the openings at Art and Invention is named Angie and she hit this one out of the park. Homemade pickles, heirloom tomato salad, corn pudding, figs and scuppernongs (two of my favorite fruits at my special request), and PIES! (yes, that's plural -- pieS.) All of it -- how perfectly fitting and yummy, and reminiscent of provisions from a farm kitchen.

As soon as the door opened at 6:30, a steady flood of all my favorite people (some old friends, some new) began and didn't end until about 10pm. My sweet family, fellow teachers, even some students -- I couldn't have been more thrilled to share the words and images that I love with the people that I love. Eleven out of thirty pieces have found homes, and this is a cheering indicator that my art has, indeed, had "touchdown" with the souls of others.

Later I fell into bed, my head spinning with happy thoughts and memories of the evening. I was all but dizzy with a pleasant sensation of accomplishment and conclusion. This conclusion, however, doesn't mean that more work isn't on the way in the near future. My work, if i'm reading it all correctly, has been accepted, encouraged, and soaked in. I can't express fully enough how profoundly good this feels to me. To all of you who were there on Saturday -- my heartfelt gratitude. To all of you who could not be there, remember that the show is there until October 15th (Fri/Sat:10-6, Sun:noon-5)!

Keep in touch, friends. Evie

p.s. The one thing I forgot...I am certainly available for commissions. Please "post a comment" in response to this (or any) blog entry and let's begin the exchange. I shall be honored and happy to create a one-of-a-kind art piece using any photo, verse, or trinkets that you hold dear.