14 September 2010


Laughing at:

Listening to:
Summerteeth by Wilco. Such greats. "Maybe all I need is a shot in the arm."

Revved by:
A pre-dawn jog in my dear neighborhood this morning. The sky was dark cobalt, stars still doing their twinkly dances, when I went out and stretched my sleepy legs. They didn't know which end was up when I started moving them so fast. Waaaait a second......are we exercising all of a sudden, here? The light began to fill the sky and turn it all glowing shades, lighter and lighter; an intense turquoise turned into a powdery, everyone-wake-up blue. Dogs were walking their owners, an elderly man was out for his bicycle ride. Colors Of the World by Innocence Mission came on and offered a nice warm-up cadence. Those simple lyrics and that sweet melody always warm me, whether it's my calf muscles or my heart...or both..depends on the situation.
And I think of you in the colors of the world.
And I did meet you in the brotherhood of man
when I was traveling a long way from my home
and you are a friend of mine.

Totally jazzed about:
Autumn in New York. Just booked my flight. Cozy scarves, The Met/MoMA/Cooper-Hewitt, my trusty Fryes pounding the pavement, pumpkins and kale at the Union Square farmer's market, crisp air, finer dining, live jazz in some little dark haven, delicious bourbon toddies, dear friends.

(I love this guy so much.)
Dave's sermon from Sunday. He asked some pointed questions, said some things that really cut to the quick and have taken deep root. Am I willing to start small? Put in the time? Wait out the process? Live in the now? Embrace the desert? Who has authority in my life? Are my feelings completely governing me? What is my "promised land"? What is it that I am waiting, pining, praying, and waiting again for?

Encouraged, healthy, optimistic, liked, even loved.