13 September 2010


"Muffin" is a really hilarious word if you look at it long enough.

It smells like someone stuffed a cake donut in the folder where I keep all of my bill receipts.

I just watched a co-worker come into my room, step up into the greenhouse and water a pot of Chinese cabbages she bought at the produce market last weekend. Oh, and they're dead. That's like buying a head of iceberg and thinking you can get it to take root in the garden. Well, whatever floats your boat.

The little tag on my tea bag says "Where there is love, there is no question." Now what the hell does that mean? I've discovered plenty of places where there is love and there are still lots of questions.

Mom helped me paint my living room "thunder grey" on Saturday (it's gorgeous) and I think it's no small coincidence that it started to thunder outside when I popped the top on the paint can.

The second graders are about to come to Art class and blow like crazy through tiny little drinking straws onto pools of watercolor paint on their papers. Nothing funnier than a room full of seventeen woozy eight-year-olds.

Two fourth grade gals, Cole and Corrina, just came in my room with a basket offering fresh-picked apples from their weekend outing to an orchard. And one of them said "I remember you don't eat sugar very much, so we thought you'd like one." I ask you, does it get sweeter (or more sugar-free) than this?

Update: I've just taken a bite....tastes like a perfect marriage of flowery perfume and tart candy. Autumn's first gifts. Deep breath, gratitude.